going for a drive, by the Bay

Going for a drive by the Bay,
The “no outlet” sign was five miles ago,
Past the house where a long ago lover
And I once dreamed of building a home.
Near where the Spanish teacher lived
and loved Enrique Iglesias,
and started every day in class playing “Dancing Queen.”

Follow the road, to the quiet drive
alongside the big fancy houses
And the expanse of the bay
That greets you as come down the hill
The calm water at dusk
And the candles begin
To burn in the horizon
The glinting and glittering of the far shore
to the east
where the day gives birth to the night,
The wide opening
Of the sky, greying wisp
to black
hot, free summer nights, or
early, cold winter nights, cozy and bundled…

Where lovers come to giggle and
discover each other,
And tender girls
to share ice cream and kisses.

The tankers and cruise ships
Creep under the bridge,
Cinched across the six-mile bellied
Dark waters
Glowing in the moonlight.
The 3 red dotted, blinking towers
That signal the arrival



Wrote this poem the other day when I was out taking my new wheels on a drive, a favorite of all the locals, known by some as “the bay drive.”

TRIVIA**You win a prize if you can be the first person to tell me the name of one of the roads that you take on this drive.

*I’m thinking of one specific road that it’s commonly known by, but if you name one of the 4 possible roads you travel on as part of the drive, after you exit Annapolis City limits (according to Google Maps), you get a prize – email your answer to emabeesart(at)gmail.com…. 🙂


3 responses to “going for a drive, by the Bay

  1. This is a wonderful poem that evokes the timeless nature of the area known to residents simply as “The Bay”. I spent many summers with my grandmother and assorted relatives and visited just last summer. Alas, I’m not sure of the names of the roads you’re referring to…I was a little farther to the Northeast. Looking forward to the answers.

    • There is something really magical about the Bay, the unique ecosystem, the different plants and animals, and being the largest brackish (mix of salt and fresh) in the world. The thousands of miles of inlets and coves and creeks and marshes would take a lifetime to explore. I’ve not spent much time up north but I know it still has its same magesty and allure that captures so ma y of us….:)

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