Photography and the Eye


EmaBee on the docks at the Willard and Sons’ Boatyard in Annapolis, MD – c. 2010, Photo by cousin Ellyse Amelia Z.

Whenever I try to take good pictures of something stunning I am reminded at how miraculous and beyond comprehension the human body is….with all the money and all the technology, you still can’t replicate what the human eye sees in all its beauty, depth, detail, and shadows. I am humbled by the universe in all its majesty, reminded of what a very small speck I am in all this time and space.

And I think somehow it’s supposed to stay that way. That we are forced to take in the moment, here and now, as it is, because it will never exist again, and that is what it means to be human…

-EmaBee, 2014

[Inspired by words shared with cousin Ellyse Amelia Z.]

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