Learning about Guatemala–Listening to the Echo of the Pain of the Many

Great #ArtActivism – Ms. Cuevas channels the pain of her family and community and creates beautiful sculptures, paintings, and moving documentaries. Thanks to Edgy Amelia for writing about it….

Edgy Amelia

During my delegation to Guatemala, I had a few internal questions I was hoping to answer. These questions ranged from the professional–what is living with a disability like in Guatemala? To the personal–why do eggs and beans taste better at breakfast? And to the photographic–how many advertisements for the documentary film “El Eco del Delor de Mucha Gente/The Echo of Pain of the Many” could I spot?

El Eco del Delor de Mucha Gente/The Echo of Pain of the Many is a powerful documentary film directed by Ana Lucia Cuevas. In “the Echo” Ms. Cuevas frames the story of her family’s search for the truth regarding her brother, Carlos Ernesto Cuevas Molina, a student activist who was disappeared in 1984, against the pain of many Guatemalans that suffered the deaths and disappearances of their loved ones during the internal conflict, which lasted from 1960-1996.

“The Echo” is approximately one hour in…

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