A series of passing moments…

There’s something about the softness in the light in the sky
The fiery undulations of the clouds
Passing moments
Passing time
The river flows, always,
reflections of pink, orange, and blue
The fire fades almost as quickly as it arrived
A series of perfect moments
And then cease

Faces old
Wise and weary with grief
Breaths and sighs amid life’s passing moments
The softness of her eyes, full of love for a life lost, and her own life passing
Faced with mortality
Eyes full of wisdom
of a series of moments.
Passing time with grace.

Young and hearts
Wild and cracking open–
so many moments
Yet to be made
Interweavings of a community
Linking and loving moments
Drinking in the world,
And splashing a rainbow of colors across the sky.

And time
And flowing rivers
And setting suns
And waxing and waning moons
Sailing clouds
Passing moments
Of joy and grief
Of all those who came before us
And all of those who will come after.


This post was inspired by today, Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) also known as All Saints Day, when communities remember and pay respects to their dead.

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