The State House, Ducks, and Love

This weekend, my cousin and her wife visited me in Annapolis and returned to the courthouse to take pictures where they got married last June.

My cousin and I are like the sisters we never had, growing up, inventing wild adventures during out summers in Florida. Figuring out the complicated world together.

We shared the same grandpa “down by the boats” and this weekend spent a long time sitting on the back stoop of his old, vacant house overlooking the water, connecting with each other, her lovely “other half,” and making up for lost time.

Somehow I felt grandpa was there with us, as we sat just feet away from the spot where, years ago, he would sit with coffee and cigarettes contemplating the world and, as he would say “watching the tomato plants grow.”

Oh, the ubiquity of peace when souls connect and love fully and wholly, without restraint or judgement.

Here are some snaps from around town…


Annapolis – Maryland State House


Annapolis, Maryland State House in Autumn


Maryland State House in Annapolis Maryland, in Autumn


Annapolis, Maryland – Ducks in “Ego Alley,” Downtown Annapolis Harbor


Historic Homes, downtown Annapolis, Maryland


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