One of those days in the sun

If you’ve ever had one of those days – an adventure with “me, myself, and I” – and you catch yourself drifting in the oceans of the world of your own thoughts.

Laying on the grassy bike trail, skin cells drinking in the sun’s light, wracking your brain for the right word to describe the way the sun feels on your skin…the cliché “sun kissed” comes to your mind but it doesn’t even begin to explain the sense of humanity and profoundness that is washing over your body, and touching your very essence, that you almost forgot was there…

You let yourself melt into the earth beneath you…you visualize the negative energy leaking out of your body, and flowing back to the earth, as you soak the sun. But words still really can’t describe…..

You listen to the trees, and the brown crumbling leaves. You allow your insides to grow quiet…..very slow…..slowing down and listening closely to your own essence and the wind in the trees…..

Time stops, or it doesn’t even really stop because it doesn’t even really exist. You just are, and everything just is…

You start to open your eyes just slightly, the blinding sun, from a dull red glow behind your eyelids to a rush of fire, you can barely even make out the dark silhouettes of the trees agains the ocean of blue sky….

You move your fingers, creaking in the grass, rustling along with the leaves and the wind. You imagine your heart beating with the swaying and the creaking of the trees, and you match your breath with the gusts whispering…you breathe in the same air they breathed 40,000 years ago, when the trees were the castles, and will always be even when we’re gone….

[Greenwell State Park, Maryland]








4 responses to “One of those days in the sun

  1. Lovely, touching reflection. Whatever it is that makes us feel this way about nature, expressed like this, is contagious. May it spread to the ends of the Earth…

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