Eyelashes Rainbows

Looking through old notebooks and diaries that start when I was in the second grade and go through current day, I find little things like this from the notebook from when I was 14…

“Awake. Warmth, and a dull red darkness. I barely open my eyes and see rainbows where tears from the night’s dreams have settled into my eyelashes, the sun shining through the thin, squinting crease, scattering the light.”

These notebooks are by far the most wonderful gift I could have ever given myself.

a youth of notebooks

a youth of notebooks


10 responses to “Eyelashes Rainbows

  1. Precocious, you were… Lovely image. I waited till my 20’s. Blogging competes now with the notes. What do you put where? How do you keep both active?

    • For me i HAVE to write in order to process things so its not really a choice. It goes in waves, some days/weeks it’s easier, others it’s hard to write. I just try to settle into myself and write when i need to, but dont force it. Same with blogging. I only do a blog when i want to, when i feel compelled to. If i ever tried to pressue myself into doing any of this is would be crap. I usually do notebook first to process/brainstorm and if anything good comes out of it, i refine for blog. Though sometimes it goes directly to blog. Thanks, mytiturk, for reading, comments, and questions…

      • Thank YOU for your answer. I often write at the keyboard and stuff comes to me as I sit there. Many times I am compelled as you describe, but sometimes it flows. I process as I write, then rewrite and touch up to improve the clarity. Wish it flowed out perfect. Lots of editing before it’s published. The notebook gets short shrift, which is sad, because the electronic product is only as permanent as the Internet is freely accessible. Had trouble with spam twice and McAfee flagged my old site. Even after I cleaned it my friends couldn’t see it because lazy McAfee had done nothing to revise its status. Saved it all on Word and then bailed. WordPress is, thus far, very stable and secure, but less permanent than paper. You’ve inspired me to put more into the diary. Ever thought of writing a book – also permanent…?

  2. I have lots of book ideas, haha! I love to hear about different people’s creative and writing process. There are certainly differences, but I think also fundamental similarities.

    I think that is a really good point about the impermanence of electronic media. IT makes me nervous. Just the other day I just looked into how to export everything from WordPress for safer keeping. I work in an Archive and we are always concerned with digital storage, and longevity of digital files vs. paper files.

    I occasionally print out typed up poems and put them in a photo album, so it’s almost like my own book, just print the poems out to be 4in x 6in, and slip them into the sleeve. I also include drawings and pictures occasionally. I’d like to do this more….

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