Baby’s First Christmas Ornament

(A little late for a Christmas post, I know–or maybe I’ll just say it’s for the Epiphany which is on January 6th and a big deal for Christians in Latin America)

I made this for my new little cousin Carter to celebrate his first Christmas this year.

I remember as a kid, the magic of Christmas, and the song with the line, “tiny tots with their eyes all aglow will find it hard to sleep tonight because Santa’s on his way.” Even as a “tiny tot” myself, I KNEW that line was written about me– I was that tiny tot with my eyes all aglow unable to sleep on the night of Christmas Eve.

Christmas was always so magical, and part of that magic was selecting what ornaments I would hang in the tree. I was very protective of “my” ornaments–ones I was particularly fond of (like the white glittery bird cage), or the ones that had the year of my birth–a small collection of “baby’s first Christmas” ‘s. My brother had his own collection.

I remember looking at the ornaments as a kid, trying to think of the time when they were new, and a time when I was new. To me the ornaments of “baby’s first Christmas” signified an excitement and a celebration of something precious that would only happen but once in a lifetime for a person, a monument marking the beginning of the magic of Christmas for a person. Celebration of me as a new person, and excitement for me.

In honor of that, in honor of my excitement for the arrival of my new baby cousin and in celebration of the start of Christmas magic for him, I give to him this gift 🙂



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