Thoughts on this Winter Afternoon


[view of downtown Annapolis, Maryland and Spa Creek from across the Severn River]

On this winter afternoon
The dull southern sunlight woven
Like beads on the surface
Of the gently rolling and sighing River.

A soul contemplates
The tired and lonely heart
Tied in a paradox of
Close…yet far.

A settling-into-the-reality feeling, tugging at the tips of the fingers, and pulling at your chest, dragging at your skin.
Of pulling close, connecting, and knowing an eternal familiarity,
But also letting go and driving space, swallowing the abyss.
Close your eyes and pray…
for patience…faith?

A wrestling morass of anguish and hesitant resignation.
Letting go…
…and having faith,
Searching for hope (?)
That “no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.”*


*line from the “Desiderata”


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