The Octopus Creeps

I started doing octopus sgraffito on clay dishes last year after a visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium where one of my best friends works.

Usually octopi are nocturnal but the day I went to the aquarium one of them did this amazing swirl around the tank (super rare) and the way the lighting hit his skin and suction cups – I was mesmerized – something happened. Since then I have not been able to get octopi out if my mind. They creep and turn up in my art and in my shopping cart….

These are the most recent products of “the creeping” from my first night back at clay class last night. I’m really happier with how the carving out the negative space is looking much more like water due to color and carving patterns 🙂
Be sure to stay tuned for the finished products in a few weeks!





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