The Octopus Creeps 2.0: a chalice

Doing some brainstorming on a chalice and paten set I have been commissioned to make for a church in Baltimore, MD. [what’s a paten and chalice?!] They love my octopi and have nicknamed the octopus in my clay stuff as “cracken.”

They also like my tree sgraffito stuff and prefer a “motley” set (variety of loosely fitting pieces), so will probably at the very least make a set of: octo-chalice, large tree paten, and smaller paten (design TBD).

The other night I was super tired and trying to meditate to clear my mind and I fell half asleep on the floor in a swath of bright moonlight and the octopus came creeping into my mind, this time with more detail, and more complex coloring…

Doing some sketches this morning and planning out colors of layers of underglaze and how to do the suction cups.

[rough sketch of scale and color plan.]

I’ve been studying the suction cups closely to figure out sizing, color, and texture…

[Image from here.]

[image from here.]

I’ve decided that I’ve gotten pretty good with the basic form of the octopus, I love the organic curves, but I want to challenge myself with different details and scale (size). Someone pointed out that my octopi reminds them of ancient Minoan vases….

[image from here.]

So, I’m working out how to position the octo-dude on the chalice, and what the scale will be, trying to expand beyond the more flat, two-dimensional carvings I’ve done so far.

I’m going to use this one mold we have I clay class for the vessel part of the chalice, and am beginning to form the idea of how to build the stem. I’ve got a pretty clear idea in my head, it’s just a matter of making it happen in real life! Clay class again tomorrow, so let’s see what happens….

[rough sketch of chalice form]


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