Adventures: Memphis Murals

This is quite a bit overdue, but I would be remiss if I failed to share about this adventure.

One of my very dear friends is in grad school in Memphis, and on a cold snowy February weekend, I went to visit her to see her life there and have some hangout-couch time (which I have seriously been lacking recently as almost all is my closest friends have moved away.)

She took me on a drive through the city on what happened to be the snowiest day of the year (go figure). But being Maryland girls we were not too intimidated by the snow, even though the City of Memphis must not own a single snow plow or a single grain of salt. I did get a day of sun too though. This is what we found…..

famous “I ❤ Memphis” mural with !snow!

i love memphis bicycle mural

memphis mural

Also, one of the days when there was sun, and I sat outside the university campus library because it was warmish, and I sat under a tree and had a brain storm and wrote an awesome poem (that I will share at some point) and this was the sky:


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