My Suction Cup and Tentacle Problem

My Suction Cup and Tentacle Problem …not something humans often have…

colors are good

colors are good

I’ve been really struggling with suction cups and tentacles recently (not sure if you’ve noticed). I never learned how to draw officially, and searching for YouTube videos on “how to draw tentacles” haven’t helped much.

There is something about the curves and movement that throws me off. One video suggested breaking it down into shapes – like the suction cups are circles on a cylinder (tentacle). This was helpful, however I’m still not sure how to make them look plump and wrap around a twisting tentacle and get the shadows right. 

Something’s still not right :/

problems with depth and texture and curving

problems with depth and texture and curving

I started working on on a 3-D sculpture piece and was still really struggling…

I tried carving them on, I was thinking about different textures and I used a straw to make little circle cutouts – all was not working. Then was thinking about putting on little glass beads afterwards. Nope.

Funny thing I realized is that I’ve been focusing so much of my energy to solve suction cup and tentacle problem in the 2-D – like with my sgraffito carving. So when I was approaching the 3-D, I forgot that I am actually building in 3-D, and it can actually be much easier to do the texture and shadows, etc. (Clearly I am spending too much time in my head, and making this much more difficult than it needs to be.)

Then, I talked to a friend about the dilemma and breaking it down into shapes. He was like, aren’t they like little bowls? And I was like um, right, you know like, suction CUPS!

So I thought about it for a couple days and came up with this (which I am much happier with).  The pic on the bottom right (5) is the last set of suction cups that I formed, the other tentacles (in #s 3 & 4) were earlier and I am not as happy with the first two – the suction cups look too mechanical and orderly – the ones on the right look organic. Not much I can do about it now, but I know better for next time, and I am slowly but surely solving my suction cup and tentacle problem.

I hope it survives the kiln and in looking forward to starting to paint it!



3 responses to “My Suction Cup and Tentacle Problem

  1. Experimenting, doing, redoing, satisfied, not satisfied is the creativity practice and invention that gives the work uniqueness. Most of my stuff wound up as a progression of refined prototypes. We learn so much in the process working with materials and ideas.

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