Learning to Love.

Looking at each and every freckle constellation.
Each tell of a dream
and a love supreme
complete in every moment.

Learning to love.
Learning to love every freckle,
every crease and hair
that has always been with you.
Every breath, in and out
each beat of the heart.
Learning to love.

Are they not the same as creases and roughness of a tree’s bark?
Or the freckle and curve upon a leaf?
The twist of a branch as it bends toward light?
A scar and a limb lost in a violent storm?
Learning to love.
Every breath in, and out.

Roots hugging the dirt
and earth.
Knots and gnarls, fingers twisted
with work and age.
To love in the dark emptiness of winter;
To love in the delicate and gentle spring;
To love in the bright fullness of summer;
To love in the intense brilliance of autumn.

Learning to love
all the tiny pieces
and the journey,
the infinite parts of the whole.



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