West Coast Creation Station

Here’s what’s been going on in the new, west coast creation station 🙂


new West Coast Creation Station 🙂

Desk was from a lady who was cleaning out her house and I went to retrieve a free bookshelf (to replace the one I lost on the PA Turnpike during my moving adventure), and she gave it to me for $20 after I asked if she had any desk-type things — oh what you can get when you just ask! AND, it fit in the back of my Civic 🙂

The bookshelf balanced on top is one that I did NOT lose in the PA Turnpike, most thankfully because it is one of two heirlooms I have from the family boatyard (the other is a super sweet solid wood folding TV tray table).


poem in real life, watercolor mountains

For this, I’m doing another iteration of the painting that’s the image for the poem that’s been on my mind recently.

Also when I was camping in the Cascades for the first time this weekend, I totally saw this image, more or less, which has been on my mind for months — the craggy, conifer-covered mountains high in the misty clouds and the peaks and lakes and rivers. I had to keep pinching myself that I’m actually here……


watercolor mountains

I love watercolors. I started to try to do something with acrylics today, but it just wasn’t happening. This painting needed to be started, I didn’t have a choice 🙂

camping in the Cascades



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