EmaBee Inspiration: Shane Koyczan 2.0

So, last night I got so not only see Shane Koyczan live (with my dear friend and roommate), with seats so close I could see the individual hairs in his beard, but I also got to give him a hug, talk to him, get a pic, and get him to sign a book and a shirt. === Star Struck!

A musical group, Short Story Long accompanied Shane’s spoken word readings of his poetry that covered diverse topics such as memories of his grandfather, concepts of inner and outer beauty, sex, remembering lost friends and grief, and societal commentary.

He opened with a poem called “Atlantis” which has similar themes to his other work I’ve featured previously, and other ideas I hold close to my heart. His woven words and his performance of them brought me to tears; this part resonates especially deeply:

“…we can see the forest through the trees
regardless of the soft wood lumber levies
we fall in line like reforested pine
its all straight rows where everything grows
a little less wild and a little more humdrum ho hum
we come from a mentality that rarely sees the horror in symmetry
or the beauty in non-conformity…
[emphasis added]

-an excerpt from “Atlantis” in Our Deathbeds will be Thirsty, by Shane Koyczan,


and here’s a fav:


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