What’s Been Going on at the CrEaTiOn STaTiOn

Saturday Morning. Ravenna Park. Dirty Chai Latte. Notebook. Watercolor Paints. 

Man sat next to me with watercolors too. Children and parents play together on the playground.

Don’t ask me why there’s an octopus in the mountains. I have no idea, that’s just how it happened.

Ludovico Einaudi. Blue sky. Green trees. Soft breeze. Peace.


from Cowen Grocery


@Ravenna Park

Kitties. So many kitty toes. Spray painting a chair Neptune-blue for Creation Station, and a bookshelf Galaxy-purple. Hand sewing and embroidering paintbrush pouch for roommate.


hand sewn and broidered paintbrush pouch



Final draft of the found-object windchime. Roadtrip to Sacramento, CA for delivery to godfather. Test run in the bushes at the campground at the beach on the coast of Oregon. Delivery: successful. It’s non-identical twin will be mailed to dad in Virginia shortly.





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