What’s been going on at the creation station…

nice new acrylics

Spent several hours yesterday in the art store selecting nice new acrylics. I’ve grown up using the small $0.50 bottles, but decided to step it up – my friend is going to teach me some new painting techniques and I wanted to have nice paint for it. The person at the store was super kind and patient with us and our 1000 questions we bestowed upon her. I decided to just go with the basic colors and mix pretty much everything on my own, so I got good mixing colors (thought just realized writing this post that I got the cadmium red hue which is artificial coloring and not so good at mixing. I need to get regular red — not hue — but they are much more expensive so we shall see.) I also got a green (not primary color) because she said that people often have a hard time mixing green without making it muddy, and since I use a lot of green, I decided to just buy it. I am excited to see what I come up with. I’ve been working with watercolors primarily the past few years and haven’t done much with acrylic at all recently…

creation station watercolors

The other night I was working with watercolors and made a psychedelic valentines snail for my cousin. I’ve been having a lot of fun painting Millie Marotta’s illustrations. I am still in that place of not feeling super creative that I want to create my own things, but more of needing to follow someone else’s lead.



psychadelic valentine’s snail

I have been getting better painting these though. The first couple ones I did with colored pencil didn’t turn out good at all. Then I switched to watercolor, and used less colors and did less detail. I realized that the illustration already has so much detail, I just had to do more simple things with the colors, using fewer, and more strategically. I’m pretty happy with the snail.

Cubby cat

And I have my buddy always keeping an eye on things, Cubby listening to Bob Marley on his imaginary cat headphones. He and his brother really are the best little fur buddies.




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