EmaBee Inspiration: Frida Kahlo

I love Frida. She has been a long-time inspiration of mine. I remember driving up to Philadelphia from Annapolis, MD to see a huge collection of Frida’s self portraits that had been gathered for the 100th anniversary of her birth in 2007. I also saw her house in Coyoacan, Mexico City, Mexico. And once at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington, D.C., I saw an exhibit of photos and letters from Diego Rivera (her husband) and the disagreement with John D. Rockefeller about a mural that Rockefeller had commissioned but then deemed too communist. I saw a photo exhibit of Frida in Rossyln, VA, and saved the handout poster with a fantastic photo of her that I hung on the wall in my office in D.C. and brought to my new office here in Seattle at UW.

She was also quite a bit inspirational for one of my favorite pieces of my own art, a clay sculpture, which I feature and describe here.

Someone just recently shared with me a photo collection online and I so enjoyed seeing her  I had to share.




this is the photo i have in my office



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