Adventures: Desert Portraits

Portraits of desert plants from the Desert Botanical Garden, in Phoenix, AZ — the exact opposite of Seattle, WA. Seattle right now is wet, chilly, cloudy and “mushy” — here Arizona is hott dry dry dry and sunny.  I am thoroughly enjoying the spring break getaway! 

I am also enjoying the artistry of the landscape and flora. Things are pokey and pointy. The shapes and colors are so foreign to a Maryland native and Seattle transplant (read: dripping HUMIDITY). I am wondering what it will feel like to go home, if things will feel wet and damp and heavy. 

Somethings are the same, somethings are similar but a little bit different, and some things are so different…the Lavender, pink honeysuckle, and Queen Anne’s agave. 

Cactus cathedrals. Spines and spikes. Rubbery thick skin of the aloe and agave protects the soft, mushy inner flesh. Strong and soft at the same time. Dry dirt and dust. Hot dry sun. Sharp biting dry, hoarse whisper dry. 

queen anne’s agave


cardon cactus


pink honeysuckle


prickly pear cactus (?)





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