Peace Together: The Future We All Want

Finally feeling good about the PNW creation station. With all the moving last year, my own “housing crisis” combined with a high/stress first year of an accelerated PhD program, and a summer of preliminary fieldwork, I feel like I am FINALLY settling into my apartment, and have got the creation station to a point that is feeling easy and good. It’s amazing how long it can take, but so so grateful for this feeling today, the sunshine, and freshly bathed, fluffy orange purr machines.

I feel like I have a set up that is comfortable (nice $5 chair from the University surplus shop) and with the shelf, I have more desk space. Everything is mostly accessible. I can do school work and Art, feeling like everything is at my finger tips with a book shelf of art supplies and piety on one side and my bookshelf with ally dissertation material on the other side with a huge 8’x 4′ whiteboard space.

I was going through my now-accessible inspiration box (Rosie the Riveter lunch box-see on the shelf) where I collect cards and postcards that I like, and I found this peace sign card (below in the blue frame).* I have always liked the colors and watercolor-y feeling and was inspired to try my own version.  Then I perused through my UAW membership magazine looking through the word “together,” found it and clipped it. I also came across “the future we all want” and clipped that. Hence, “Peace Together: The Future We All Want.”

ahhh, creation station 🙂


peace together water colors


peace together the future we all want


“what about peace” card for inspiration


one freshly bathed orange furry pur machine


another freshly bathed orange fluffy purr machine


creation station with the shelf 🙂


peace together the future we all want

*The card is called “What about Peace?” by Christina Scheblein, New York, age 15.This painting was apparently a 2009 honorable mention in the “what about peace” international arts contest for youth (according to the back fo the card). and the seems like the card is produced by


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