A Farmers’ Market Painted in Words

farmers markets. (I think I’ve written about this before – oh yeah, here.)
The colors: carrots and radishes, tomatoes, pumpkins, peppers, squash, mushrooms, garlic. I wanted to take pictures, to show you, but I felt weird snapping up shots of people’s little shops (except for the one I took below-which I kind of snuck, so it’s not so crisp). So, I decided to take on the challenge of describing in detail for you, so you can use your imagination and create a picture in your mind, travel a bit if you want…

Purple, orange, green, white, and yellow cauliflower, little tree-like clumps and mounds, some with little black specks.
Red, yellow and white radishes with deep greens stacked next to orange, purple, and yellow carrots, lacy light greens abound. a rainbow wall of neatly stacked roots.
Lumpy, wild green, red, orange, yellow, and purple tomato orbs jumbled in a cardboard box.
Pink, purple, and white lacy wild flowers in assorted glass jelly jars.
Frosty, pale green eucalyptus.
Deep and lime green pickles, white-pink kombucha, deep, deep red kombucha, red-orange vegan kimchee with streaks of forest green, yellow-orange fermented turmeric, murky yellow-brown apple cider, light rosy pink cider.
Grey, white, and charcoal raw oysters; pink and black smoked salmon in bronze, blue and pink labeled tins.
Breakfast sandwiches. brown, pink, and white on a table-top grill.
Peppers, hot long and red with deep green head-stalk, twisted curly, orange, red-orange, purple, green, purple-green, forest green, lime green, yellow-orange, bulbous, orbs, cups, cones, ridges and curls. small skinny long, green yellow and sweet.
Bread, cheese, white with forest green specks – chives? soft, moist, creamy, hard, touch, porous, chunk.
Apples, apples, apples. yellow, golden, red, green, red and green, pink, yellow and pink, green and yellow, golden golden, golden, golden-red, green and pink, yellow, red and pink…
Purple, white, and grey garlic cloves with long white necks and furry brown roots.
Bespeckledy squashes and pumpkins: deep red-orange, orange-orange, yellow and green stripes, deep forest green, yellow, yellow-orange, orange and green, light green and dark green, brown burnt hay-beige stalks. Big, small, saucers, bowls, bulbs, long, short, squat, skinny, specks, knots, bulbous, bumpy, round, ridges, stripes, curves.
Berries, berries frosty deep blue, purple-black, soft red. red red and black. white.
Honey: pink, golden, amber, yellow, red, yellow-orange, pink-yellow, amber-yellow. bubbles, jars, sticks. sweet sweet. wildflower, clove, peach, apple. burst. earth. flower.
Mushrooms black, red, brown, red-white, dark-brown, forest grey, orange-brown. spongy, smooth, chunks, coraly, soft, tough. deep, deep, deep. porous, milky moist soft crunch, stalky, breaking, rough. forest deep. earth.

Foraged and Found Edibles – http://www.foragedandfoundedibles.com/


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