EmaBee Inspiration: Shiloh Sophia

My Grandmother’s wife, Suzanne’s,* graduation from Seminary was at this beautiful church and there were five paintings of women’s faces that grabbed me and pulled me in – I took photos of them (see below) and then made my own versions of them (I will have to dig them up and add them later, update: see below).

(By the way, I would love to know/find out who the artist is for these paintings, so if anyone happens to know, please let me know so I can a the very least, give them proper credit.)

My own version made years ago, inspired by the paintings above:

I also made another one, size of a poster board, that I gave my friend as a birthday gift one year, and she framed it in a beautiful gold frame – but it’s in MD and I don’t have a picture of it….

THEN later, I came across an artist, Shiloh Sophia that does beautiful paintings of women that for me evoke a spiritual, mystical quality. The colors and grace of the paintings draw me toward the images. When I saw Shiloh Sophia’s paintings I immediately thought of the paintings at my Grandma’s wife’s graduation, though I am not sure if they are Shiloh Sophia’s.

Here are some of my favorite of Shiloh Sophia’s:


Here is my own doodle/tracing of Shiloh Sophia’s painting using the awesome “Penultimate” app on my iPad:


*Earlier this year, my gramma’s wife Suzanne suddenly and unexpectedly died. It is still hard to believe she is gone and I still have trouble wrapping my brain around this reality. This is Suzanne at her graduation at the Church where I first saw those top paintings. I wish I had a better picture…


Suzanne, at her graduation from seminary ❤ rest in peace, and may peace be with you.


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