West Coast Home

One of my best friends (a fellow Maryland-rooted person) came to visit this past weekend, and we got to go around and see my life here in Seattle. I was bubbling about how much I like it here, and she asked me why, and I said that it has the water like in Maryland (and sailing, water culture) but PLUS mountains.

We’ve got the Cascades to the east and the Olympics to the west; there is this one spot on the way from my apartment to the main highway where in the rear view you can see the Cascades on the other side of Lake Washington, and the Olympics up ahead as you are rolling over Seattle hills – it’s stunning, especially in the morning or the afternoon with the sun on the edges of each horizon. Also, heading up north to Bellingham, there is one point on the I-5 (main highway) where you can see Mt. Rainer in your rear view, and Mt. Baker up ahead, two giants of the PNW.

My friend and I took the ferry from Seattle over to Bremerton – very typical Seattle activity with lovely drizzly weather. I found a post card which captured the answer to her question beautifully:


Postcard of Bremerton, WA, with Olympics in the background (and octopus friend)

The *only* problem is the dungenous crabs are NOT AT ALL like Maryland blue crabs. Granted, I haven’t tried dungenous crabs yet, but I’m pretty sure I don’t even have to taste them in order to render the verdict, I just have to see that hey are not blue…


Dungenous Crabs at Pikes Place Market in Seattle – NOT Maryland blue crabs by ANY means…


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