We stayed up late talking,
My best friend and I.
We had a sleepover.
Dad is making corn waffles.
It’s sunny.
Mom is gardening,
and she’ll probably mow the lawn later.
Little brother is playing
with legos in his room
or games on the computer.
There is music playing
Antony and the Johnsons
or the sound track to Dances with Wolves.
Later, dad will make candles
with the collected wax drippings,
and he’ll have many cups of tea
in the big blue glass mug.
The cats are snoozing in sun patches
and the dog is helping mom.

My friend and I, after breakfast,
we’ll walk down to the water
through the woods,
along the back driveway
and sit on the back stoop of grandpa’s house
and watch the people go out on their sailboats
and the fishermen bring in fish and clean them
by the docks.


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