Foggy Morning

Foggy Morning
Walk in the park.
Heavy and full fog
misty water
soft smoth ripples
in the creamy morning>
Foggy close
Beyond the fog
magical worlds
a rich imagination
other worlds drifting past
but 520 bridge traffic
rubmbles, distant roar
filtering through fog
breaking away

duck couple roams
picking at the ground
eating crab apple
remains for a romatic breakfast
empty bench beckons
listening to the sun
watch a classic
wooden boat float
inboard motor
carbourator rumbles
varnish, brass,
teak creaks
Duck couple meanders
grumbling at each other

rowers pierce the white fog
sun floods
stroke, rhythm
Autumn ducks clucking
lapping paddles
water smooth
black and white
Would the ducks
like to sit on the bench too?

View of Mt. Rainer, Magnuson Park, Seattle

Rowers on Lake Washington, Magnuson Park, Seattle

Duck couple, Magnuson Park, Seattle


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