Some Recent Scattered Thoughts…

…or maybe not so scattered….


Stuffed animal cats don’t drink when they’re thirsty.


“making something happen in the realm of nowhere” – a friend


How can we tell stories through bodies?
Stories that are written on bodies?
Imaginary stories, or real?
What do they look like and how do we tell them?
What do they say?
Stories are written on bodies…


A Dream

We are both famous writers
We live in a house on a hill, surrounded by woods and fields
And there is smoke coming out of the chimney
Because we are always typing furiously
Churning, bubbling out
Furious typings,
A roaring train, a roaring fire
As we sit and type

And make good food
And go on walks in the woods with the cats
And look at trees
And talk to the trees
See how they are doing
And what they think of things.

And sometimes make wooden furniture
And sometimes work with clay
And make dishes and sculptures
And carve sgraffito
and make imprints of leaves
And evergreens

Class-time doodles (post-election)

(I’m doing a really good job avoiding writing this conference proposal and finishing this paper….)


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