Western Washington State – Photo 2017 Calendar

I mentioned in a previous post that I was making a surprise for several family members, and I didnt want to spoil it for Christmas. Well here it is! I hand drew (pen and ink) a 2017 calendar that features photographs from my adventures in western Washington state. I wanted to show some of my family the beautiful scenes and some of my life here in the PNW. 

How I got the idea for this is, I used to go to a craft store which I will not name because I dont like them anymore to get these little spiral make-your-own calendar for $1.99. It had pre-printed designs for each month, and a place to paste a photograph. I had so much fun making them specialized for family and friends. I had one friend that liked hers so much she used it for several years after and just changed the date.  

But, this craft store which I will not name stopped carrying them, and I was so stuck becuase I really wanted to make calendars for people that showed my new life out here in Washingotn, since no one has really been able to visit, being so far away. So, I was going to print calendar pages and past the photo, but I got frustrated with the word processing and publishing software. Then I was thinking of printing them more professionally with the online photo (and photo book) printing type places but at $20 a piece, that is a so big no go – especially since I had been originally planning $1.99 a piece plus $0.09 per photo (x12). 

SO, that is when I got the brilliant idea that it would be less time and more fun to hand draw rather than fool with the publishing software and word processors. I busted out my ruler, and just started drawing. I had fun just drawing what came to mind for each o fthe monthly themes. Next year, I think I want to do it again with new photos from the PNW (or maybe even Guatemala?) and maybe plan out the monthly drawings a bit more. 

Unfortunately, I didnt take photos of each of the months with the water color. One kind of funny thing to note is that I chose the photographs for the months, then I did the drawings, without really remembering what each of the photos were. One of the photos I chose was of the B-27 bomber at the Boeing Museum of Flight, and I put that for the month of June. Accidentally / coincidentally and king of ironically, that was the month that I had decided to do Peace signs….not sure what to say about that – lol. I like it though. And happens to be the month of my Dad’s birthday, and I think he will appreciate that. 

Wow that feels like a long post – I am excited to see what next year’s will be like!

After drawing, printing on card stock, and watercolor, I cut the photographs and pasted them on, and wrote the captions, explaining a bit of the context to tell my family some about my life.

After printing on card stock, I added some light watercolors, but not too much detail

Each month has a different hand-drawn design, handwriting and slightly different calendar grid and number font. I also wrote some of the major holidays.

I drew the original first draft, and took them to get them printed black and white on card stock paper

Months with photos…

Inspiration for some of the drawings… can you tell which ones? (They’re for August, November, and July.)

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