With Me

I like going there, because it feels like home
The coffee shop
In the basement of the art building
The energy
And ceramics dust
Of Deb’s clay class.

The cup of coffee
Smells and tastes like
The back seat of papa’s
Red minivan
Filled with nips coffee candies

A bite into the tootsie roll
Transports me.

Enveloped in warmth
By the three afghans
One made by my mom,
One by my dad,
And one by my grandmother.
Their working fingers
and creative hands
Keeping us warm.

I am surrounded by loved ones.
Through time and space.

I close my eyes and feel big hugs
am greeted by warm smiles,
and joy in thier eyes seeing me.

A patient, encouraging voice
reminds me to seek love
in all that I do, all that I say,
and all that I am.

Gammies’ afghan keeping us warm


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