Dad’s Epiphany

My dad had a dream, which upon recounting the dream to a friend, had an epiphany, a spiritual renewal.

As he told me about the dream, I got an image in my mind of a bright white kind of explosion, with translucent but bright rainbow colors emanating from the bright white center, the jagged edges the sparks and sparkling flashes of energy, light, power, heat, and transformation.

So, I painted it and mailed it to him. This is how it came out 🙂 it was a lot of fun to paint….

Sketched out, and starting with reds and oranges

Timi helping to paint

Reds and oranges

Always a wonderful mess at the creation station!

Done 🙂

I’m really happy with how the watery but bright colors turned out

I also like how the shading gives so much texture that it almost feels like rainbow flames

…and it was so much fun to make, I made it a smaller sibling 🙂


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