Gifts Made in the U.S.A.

I made these ceramic pendants several years ago [see a post about it here!]. I’ve been keeping these as gifts for special people in my life, and a few months ago was able to give three of them to my dear friend who was visiting the Vancouver area from Guatemala, to give to his daughters and wife upon his return. I selected them, papered up the boxes, packaged them, and drove up from Seattle to visit with him, and another friend for the weekend back in September.

It was a special time to be able to show him around a little bit of my end of the continent, though it was Canada, not the U.S. I was glad to give him a gift, made in the U.S.A. to take back to his family. It is very rare for any of my Guatemalan friends to obtain the resources and permissions to travel north, and I was very grateful for this opportunity. I hope that the world changes enough in the future that it is easier to visit each other — both north and south.


papered boxes and photo note card of bellingham bay


floral ceramic pendant


floral ceramic pendant


floral ceramic pendant


papered boxes

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