EmaBee’s Policies

This page includes the following sections:

  • Photo Use Permissions
  • “Shop the Art” Policies (Ways to Shop; Shipping; Returns/Exchanges; Custom and Bulk orders; Feedback)
  • EmaBee’s Artist’s Code
  • Disclaimer (Statement of Clarity)
  • Contact Me


Mayan Fire Ceremony of Protection - Guatemalan Highlands

Mayan Fire Ceremony of Protection – Guatemalan Highlands

Photo Use Permissions

Most of the photographs on this page are taken by me, and I consider them my art (unless otherwise noted). I love to share my art with others, however I ask that if you want to use any of my photographs, please ask my permission, and always say where it came from (ME!). If you want a print of any of my photos, please ask! I have several easy ways to buy your own copy.

I hope everyone can appreciate and respect my request, as an artist trying to make my way in the world.


EmaBee's Art

EmaBee’s Art

“Shop the Art” Policies

Ways to Shop

  • I have created an Etsy shop [emabeesart.etsy.com] for customers to purchase EmaBee’s Art. Please note that there are several fees associated, but I realize it is a decent platform and people sometimes like purchasing through an established online store. It requires you to set up an account to purchase something, and you can use major credit cards or PayPal.
  • As an alternative to the Etsy shop and mounting fees, I have started selling EmaBee’s Art through my blog website HERE. I have set up a way for customers to order through email and I provide and invoice through PayPal – a very reliable and safe way to send money via the internet. You would need to have or create a PayPal account. I provide my contact information on the invoice (email and phone number) should you ever have questions or concerns, and I will respond promptly. This is safe for both you and me as there are channels of dispute through PayPal [though I would hope it would never come to that].

EmaBee’s Blog Website Shopping and Shipping

I process website orders this way:

  • you fill out the order form by including the item number(s) of the items  you want (they are in the caption of the image and look like this: Item#010). Submit the form. I need your shipping address in order to calculate shipping.
  • I will email you an invoice via PayPal which will include shipping and total cost of order (there will not be any sort of fee or extra charge – just item prices and shipping).
  • You make your payment through the PayPal invoice email
  • I will notify you that I received your payment
  • Within 1-3 days of receiving your payment I will ship your item to the shipping address you provide via USPS with a tracking number.
  • I will send you confirmation that the item has shipped, and provide you the tracking number

Shipping Estimate:

For continental U.S.: $3.00 for one item, add $0.50 per additional item

If you want a final shipping cost before you agree to purchase, please let me know when you order and I will contact you with exact amount before sending you the invoice.

Alternative Shipping Options: Hand-Delivery and Cash-on-Delivery

If you are in the D.C. or Annapolis area, leave a comment in the order form that you would like to arrange a hand-delivery (to your home, work, or other meeting place) and also a cash-on-delivery payment option. To be honest, this way is best because it saves you and me money for shipping and credit card/PayPal fees. AND we get to meet each other!

Returns or Exchanges

I will consider returns or exchanges under the two following circumstances. Should your situation be any of the following, please contact me so we can start a dialogue to work out the issue:

  • Your artwork arrives damaged for some reason even though I have carefully packaged it. Some things are replaceable, others not. Let’s talk.
  • You feel that it does not match with what you thought you were buying.

Other than those two reasons, I really do not see a way that is fair to both me and you to regard the sale anything other than final.

Custom and Bulk Ordering

You will see on the bottom of the “Shop the Art” page – a form to request a custom order. This would include any of my photos that you see on the blog but are not on the merch lists, or any special sizing of photographs over 8″x10″ prints.

A custom order would also include any other creations that I feature on the blog. I won’t always have them because I am always showering my family with gifts, but if you see something you like, I could try to re-make it, or make something similar.

If you are going to have an especially large order or want to make a wholesale purchase, please fill out the custom order form so we can start a discussion. I am willing to negotiate lower prices for especially large and wholesale orders.


If we are conducting a business transaction and you are unhappy for whatever reason, please let’s start a dialogue and I am sure we can work something out that we can all live with.


Declassified U.S. document peace art by EmaBee

Declassified U.S. document peace art by EmaBee

EmaBee’s Artist’s Code

I have been taught within the family tradition of honesty and integrity and hold myself to the highest of standards – in business and interpersonal relationships, via the interwebs, or otherwise.

I pride myself on taking no shortcuts, and am highly attentive to detail, yielding high-quality products, each one unique and original.

All of the work on the blog is entirely and completely my own unless otherwise indicated. Sometimes I feature items written by others, photographs taken by others, or share photos of others’ art that serves as an inspiration for me. I will always clearly indicate when I am featuring or borrow another person’s work. If you have any thoughts or concerns about this, I encourage you to contact me (info. below).

I do not use Photoshop to alter any of my photographs. I am not very good at using it, and I like to keep my work, for the most part, unaltered. The exception is that in some photographs I play with the contrast, lightening, or darkening the photograph – similar to techniques used in the dark room.

Sharing art with the world is a very personal, and at times vulnerable action. I believe it is important to respect people’s art as we can learn so much from others, about our selves, and open up new ways of thinking and interacting with the world around us. Please be gentle.

I am on a journey toward peace profound. come with me.


Disclaimer (Statement of Clarity)

And by the way, to be clear – this is a personal blog/website and does not reflect views/policies of my current employer, or past employers. This is just me, EmaBee, here. Everything I do on this blog is independent of my work for my current employer. As someone who is passionate about their work, I love what I do and I do what I love, so personal and professional interests often overlap.


Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Just want to say “Hey”?



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