Maryland the Beautiful

Chespeake Bay, Annapolis, Maryland (c) emily a willard

I’m an Annapolis native, the grand and great-grand daughter of Chesapeake Bay watermen, boat builders, and artists. I was instilled with a love and respect for the natural world around us. I am entranced by the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay region and seek to share it with others through my art.

The Willard family owned the Willard & Sons’ Boatyard on Mill Creek from c. 1952-2006, encompassing four generations of artists and lovers of our Maryland the beautiful. I grew up tramping through the woods, scooping grass shrimp along the bulkhead, munching on tootsie pops grandpa had in a jar, crabbing with chicken necks, and building tree forts. My grandfather taught me to respect the earth and all living things.

EmaBee was the nickname my grandfather gave me because I am always creating things like a busy bee.

I always have my camera with me as I live my life. The natural world around us often takes my breath a way, stunning me with it’s simple and at the same time, complex beauty.

Welcome to my space.

-Emily (EmaBee)


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