Maryland the Beautiful

Chespeake Bay, Annapolis, Maryland (c) emily a willard

I’m an Annapolis native, the grand and great-grand daughter of Chesapeake Bay watermen, boat builders, and artists. I was instilled with a love and respect for the natural world around us. I am entranced by the beauty of the Chesapeake Bay region and seek to share it with others through my art.

The Willard family owned the Willard & Sons’ Boatyard on Mill Creek from c. 1952-2006, encompassing four generations of artists and lovers of our Maryland the beautiful.  I grew up tramping through the woods, scooping grass shrimp along the bulkhead, munching on tootsie pops grandpa had in a jar, crabbing with chicken necks, and building tree forts. My grandfather taught me to respect the earth and all living things.

EmaBee was the nickname my grandfather gave me because I am always creating things like a busy bee.

I always have my camera with me as I live my life. The natural world around us often takes my breath a way, stunning me with it’s simple and at the same time, complex beauty.

Welcome to my space.

-Emily A. Willard (EmaBee)

UPDATE: As of August 2018, the Willard Family has sold the final piece of property and no longer lives on Orchard Beach. We have all gone to different corners of the country to begin new adventures, in the spirit of John D. Willard III who left the family in Amherst, MA to start a new life in Maryland back in the 1940s. While our family is connected to its roots and our history is preserved through oral traditions of family mythologies and stories, it is also our tradition to know when it’s time to pick up and go start something new and make new stories and adventures….

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